You're in the right place! I'll keep it short - my name's Alex, and I'm looking to bring one passionate and hungry Personal Trainer on board my business in West London.


Since starting, I've invested a lot of time and money to get an edge on digital marketing. This allowed me to grow quickly and reach capacity, whilst continuing to receive interest. The next stage, naturally, is for the business to grow and to bring another member to the team! You might be seasoned or early in your career, but emulating these qualities is crucial to me:

  • Empathic & Sensitive

  • Reliable & Punctual

  • Knowledgable

  • Driven & Enthusiastic

  • Open to Mentorship

  • Trustworthy


West London PT has been successful for more reasons than good marketing. The brand objective is simple: bring the best quality at a competitive price. This means providing plenty of support alongside sessions - we all know it takes more than two hours of training per week to achieve goals!

Great quality work deserves a great quality split. This is nothing like the *cough* rip-off rates offered by chain gyms. You'll receive 70% of the session price in the first month, and 80% each month after.

That's not all, I cover professional-grade photography, web design and advertising costs. All you have to do is what you do best - provide great training!

West London PT is about quality, for the client and the employee. I'm not looking to pay an average PT poorly, I'm looking to pay a great PT well. 

If you think you're the right fit, or have any questions, just use the form below and I'll be in touch!

PS...If you have a nutrition qualification, that's a welcome bonus.