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Welcome To the West London PT Blog!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

We've put in the legwork, gained the experience and refined our approach several times over. There's knowledge we want everyone to have, so they can train effectively.

Personal Trainer smiling with female client performing a dumbbell split squat.

Welcome to the West London PT blog. We deal with weight loss, muscle growth, and nutrition on a daily basis. After thousands of hours of personal training, we've decided to give a home to the facts people need to hear, and a place to dispel the myths they don't.

“Many walk on a tightrope, feeling like the smallest deviation from an unpleasant training schedule or restrictive diet is what stands between them and achieving good health. Keeping fit is simple. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be a successful species."

Righting The Wrongs

Truthfully, we're not starting on a neutral playing field. Self-perception is an area where most of us have vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities that leave us emotionally open to misinformation and popular crazes.

The worst part? When they don't work (and they rarely do), we double down.

"I must have done something wrong" or "I didn't commit enough".

"This time, I'm eating even less and exercising even more".

We see the same mistakes repeating themselves day after day - and the first thing we have to do is wipe the slate clean. We know what misinformation is prevalent, we know how to correct it and now it's time to share it!

Adding The Good

It's all very well knowing what not to do, but what should we be doing instead?

The answer is to keep it simple, keep it effective. We'll go into a whole lot more detail on what that means in this blog, but here's the essence:

Every single client I've ever worked with could achieve their goals - with noticeable differences - using no more than three sessions per week alongside manageable and staggered adjustments to their diet that don't leave them starving or miserable. It's really that simple.

This blog, then, will cover two parts. How to maximise your results in those gym sessions, and how to coordinate nutrition outside of them (hint: it's probably easier than you think).

Keeping fit is simple. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be a successful species. Sadly, the commercial fitness space is absolutely rammed with products that make us believe it isn't. That we need to go on a two-week juice retreat in a mountain, train six hours per day and not eat anything past 7 PM.

So if you're lost, uncertain and need a breath of fresh air from the nonsense, then you're in the right place. Get comfy, because we're going to tell you the facts - and we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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