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Why We Don't Use 'Before & Afters'

The first thing we'd have to ask new clients (many of whom are lacking confidence) is to:


1) Take their top off.

2) Stand in front of a wall to be photographed for future marketing.

That is not the tone we want to set - we consider this an emotional journey as much as a physical one.

That said, we want you to be sure your trainer can deliver transformative results.


Instead of 'Before & Afters', we showcase:

  1. Trainer Transformations: Our trainers lead by example, demonstrating the powerful changes achievable with dedication.

  2. Public Testimonials: Hear directly from our clients about their remarkable progress and experiences.

  3. Major Publications: We are routinely cited for our expertise in leading fitness and wellness publications.

  4. Global Articles: Our original articles have gained traction worldwide, reflecting our thought leadership in the fitness industry.

Trainer Transformations

Our trainers are active competitors continually practising what they preach. Some have made dramatic transformations, whilst others have maintained their fitness for decades. Their results show what their methods can achieve with commitment and dedication.

Testimonials (20s Age Bracket)

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