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My name's Alex, I'm a certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist for muscle growth in West London. Building all-around strength is a key component of any functional fitness programme, particularly where the goal involves a more sculpted or toned appearance.

We make this process efficient and effective. We remedy any existing imbalances and help clients expedite and enjoy that process with 1-1 training sessions and specially tailored nutritional guidance.

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Lean Muscle Building Results & Testimonials


"I look forward to my sessions with Alex all week. He is a really positive PT and I'm shocked at how fast my strength is improving.

He is always happy to explain the why behind the exercise."

Client Ealing

For Those Who Aren't Sure They Want To Build Muscle

99% of our clients just want to feel more confident on the beach, or look fitter for an upcoming wedding. 

Think of it like a tube line, where the first station is no activity and the final stop is a Schwarzenegger physique.


There are a lot of stops in between and one of them is your ideal level of toning and definition.

If you're already in a healthy weight range, the focus should shift to replacing fat with muscle. Exercising more and eating less is not the answer.

Lunges Weight Lifting.jpg

You might be losing bodyweight in the hopes of revealing abs, but that will only yield results if there's something there to reveal.

Both men and women were built to move weight, whether through lifting, carrying or even just supporting our bodies in various positions.

Building Muscle & Toning

Musle Building

Functional strength often takes a hit in 21st-century life. Even if you remain active, most of the activities on offer (e.g. spin class, squash) aren't the most efficient way of improving your full-body toning.

We help clients reach their desired level of strength and toning through targeted 1-1 sessions alongside comprehensive personal diet and independent exercise strategies. 

Three 60-minute full body resistance training sessions per week is all you'll need to make significant advances in your strength and athleticism.

The 1-1 Training Process In Three Steps

  1. Establish base strength & correct existing weaknesses.

  2. Progressive full-body training to lose fat and build muscle.

  3. Break plateaus using advanced training techniques.


Stage 1: Establish Base Strength & Technique

We begin by explaining the foundation techniques for training each part of the body effectively.


This includes building pelvic floor strength, correcting posture and existing muscular imbalances that leave you prone to injury e.g. hunched shoulders.

Stage 2: Full Body Resistance Training

We develop and diversify your training to effectively target the whole body. Once we establish your current strength levels, we calibrate an appropriate programme to overload your muscles and trigger growth.

Your muscles recover, the difficulty increases and the process repeats until you reach a plateau.

The goal is for you to be strong and mobile in every direction and movement pattern. 

This stage is also where you'll gather knowledge on directions of movement and how to train effectively by yourself.

Muscle Growth Client.jpeg

Stage 3: Breaking Plateaus


After a while, you're likely to reach a plateau in your training. This is nothing to worry about, and is perfectly normal.

We'll use an array of advanced training techniques that take direct advantage of having a trainer present to aid any exercises where progress has stagnated. 

You will then be able to return to a pattern of progressive overload.

Personal Diet Support

You're only building muscle when you rest, and the fibres are reconstructing after a workout.


You need a well-calibrated diet with the correct level of excess energy and nutrients to support this process - it's absolutely essential to seeing results.

To offer clear, practical direction, I provide three documents:​

1) A personal diet strategy overview. This will include what our chosen approach is, why it works.

2)  A comprehensive diet analysis, based on 7-10 days of entries in a food diary that I provide. I'll explain where you’re doing well, where you can improve and exactly what replacements to consider.

3)  Regularly updated macronutrient and calorie recommendations. These are synchronised with your training pattern and goals. They contain ranges, so that you can maintain a social life without sacrificing your goals.

What's The Catch?

None of that is to say that you won't have to break a sweat, or that you'll be jumping out of bed first thing ready to train (although you might!). 

The main takeaway, though, is that building and maintaining lean muscle mass is simple and attainable for all - even with 21st century lifestyle standards. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be a very successful species!


You don't need to take my word for it, though. You'll find over 40 testimonials here.

Still not sure? Schedule a pressure free, 60 minute free trial to help inform your decision. Whether you go ahead or not, I'm confident you'll leave with some worthwhile knowledge.


PRICE: £64 


Personal trainer standing beside a punching bag.


Proven In Trial


Superior Value 


Premium Facilities


Qualified & Insured


Passionate Trainer


Emotionally Sensitive


High-Quality Sessions



My service covers most of west London (zones 1-2). As well as training clients at home, I have indoor spaces spread from Hammersmith to Acton.




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