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"I started to work with Alex as I had 3 months to lose 10kg before my summer holidays.

Not only have I achieved my goal in just 9 weeks, but he has also made training enjoyable and something I am looking forward to every week."

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Do you need relief from the abundance of misinformation, boring diets and gimmick products promising weight loss? If so, you're in the right place.


My name's Alex, I'm a certified Weight Loss Personal Trainer & Nutritionist in West London. By far the most popular form of enquiry involves weight loss, either as a primary or secondary objective. It's an area I've built a lot of expertise in.

I don't make false promises or wild guarantees. Rapid weight loss of ~1kg/week is attainable through consistent adherence to a diet and exercise programme. I help clients expedite and enjoy that process with 1-1 training sessions and specially tailored nutritional guidance.

The good news is that losing weight is simple, once you understand a few basic things.

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If you've slimmed down and still don't have the definition you're after, the answer is not to lose more weight. You're better off focusing on building muscle instead, which I can help you with.

Losing Weight Successfully

The most crucial element of successful weight loss is adherence over time.


How exactly is anyone supposed to achieve that when trying to hold down a job, look after kids and maintain a social life whilst starving on 900 calories per day? 

It just sounds like hell.

There are places that will promise you massive weight loss in extremely short periods. What they don't do is leave you in a position to maintain it. In fact, they leave you standing no chance.

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Fitness shouldn't be a war of attrition - a painful cycle of losing weight (pain) and putting it back on again (pleasure). 

How can you escape the cycle?


If you can find pleasure in the right exercise programme and diet, you'll win. You'll never have to dread exercise again, or sacrifice your love of food to stay healthy.

I help clients to lose fat and increase toning - at the same time.

What Weight Loss Training Won't Involve

  • Running on a treadmill until you collapse in a pile on the floor (unless you want to).

  • Being shouted at for a lack of effort as you reach the brink of consciousness.

  • Restrictive and unrealistic diets that are ineffective and don't account for daily happiness and busy schedules.

What Weight Loss Training Will Involve

  • Nutritional support in the form of a written personal diet strategy, and tailored written analysis based on your current diet.

  • Improving your base metabolism so that you're burning more all the time.

  • A progressive programme of resistance training to keep muscle whilst cutting fat.

  • A kind attitude that allows for setbacks along the way, without compromising on results.

The Process In Three Steps

  1. Improve base metabolism by developing muscle.

  2. Programme a small to moderate calorie deficit.

  3. Excess energy required to build muscle is taken from existing fat stores, instead.

Three sessions per week, plus a small deficit. It's as simple as that.

What's The Catch?

None of that is to say that you won't have to break a sweat, or that you'll be jumping out of bed first thing ready to train (although you might!). 

The main takeaway, though, is that reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is simple and attainable for all - even with 21st century lifestyle standards. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be a very successful species!


You don't need to take my word for it, though. You'll find over 25 testimonials here.

Still not sure? Schedule a pressure free, 60 minute free trial to help inform your decision. Whether you go ahead or not, I'm confident you'll leave with some worthwhile knowledge.


PRICE: £64 


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Superior Value 


Premium Facilities


Qualified & Insured


Passionate Trainer


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My service covers most of west London (zones 1-2). As well as training clients at home, I have indoor spaces spread from Hammersmith to Acton.




Thanks- I'll be in touch shortly.

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