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My name's Alex. I'm a registered Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in West London. When you enquire, you'll speak directly to me and I'll pair you with the best possible personal trainer for your goals.

Personal Trainer in a west London studio smiling at the camera in a grey t-shirt.

Fitness On Your Terms: Industry-Leading Experts Crafting Your Plan from Scratch

Schedule Your Free, Zero-Pressure Consultation Now

Female personal trainer in west London studio smiling at a desk with a female client as she goes over her plan.

Chat with us today. This can be via email, phone, Zoom or even over a coffee in person. You can go into as much or as little detail as you like - your information is totally confidential. ​

If we can help you we’ll explain how and create a tailored session for you to test us out, free of charge.

If not, we’ve built a strong network and know the best teams in London for enquiries that fall outside of our expertise. We have no financial partnerships and recommend based purely on merit.

Alternatively, you can consult with us via phone, WhatsApp, email or form

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I'm Very Unfit - Am I A Suitable Candidate For Personal Training?

I'm Just Trying To Save Time And Get Accountability - Is This Too Intense?

I've Got Experience And A Solid Routine - Can You Still Help Me?

I'd Rather Not Discuss Diet - Is That OK?

What Happens Once I Get In Touch?

What Are Your Goals?

Personal trainer standing next to young female client mid stride on a treadmill.


A trusted process to shift stubborn fat without crazy diets or living at the gym.

Personal trainer with male client on a squat rack showing him how to brace his core.


Building lean, functional strength that serves you in and out of the gym.

Personal trainer in West London studio holding a massage gun on a female client's back and smiling.


Feel better mentally and physically whilst looking out for your future self. Prevent injury, improve posture, maintain muscle mass and bone density.


Tailored guidance on changes to make at home to support your wellbeing.

Trainer Transformations

Our trainers are active competitors continually practising what they preach.


Some have made dramatic transformations, whilst others have maintained their fitness for decades. Their results show what their methods can achieve with commitment and dedication.

We Plan Every Step

Strategy Document

Picture this: you've met your trainer, established your goals, and talked through a plan to get there. The document below will be a written summary of everything you've planned.


These are not standard PT sessions with a few pre-written documents thrown at you.

This is a personal consultant crafting a fitness path around your habits and personality.

Your energy levels crash in the afternoon - how can we steady your blood sugar levels to avoid this? 

Why Bother Going Into Such A Detailed Plan?

  1. Results

  2. Accountability

  3. Independence

There is no generic solution. You are unique, so your strategy should be too. 

Why Trust Us?

When it comes to coaching knowledge, we’re at the top of our game. We’re recognised industry experts cited in publications such as British GQ and iNews. We have an excellent track record for results and a collection of public reviews.

West London personal training client standing in front of leaves holding a viola and smiling.


Goal: Body Recomposition

Obstacles: Gym Confidence, Nutrition

It is just so much more than the workout sessions itself: Alex taught me how to plan my own workouts so I can become independent at the gym. I feel stronger and with more energy than ever, and I now feel super confident and motivated to plan my own workouts and lead a much healthier and active life!

What Should You Expect?



Your consultation is a free, no-pressure discussion that can take place by phone, WhatsApp, email, Zoom or even over a coffee in person.

After chatting to you confidentially, we’ll: 

- Create a strategy around your goals, body type and personality.

- Invite you for a free 60 minute trial and assessment to test us out.

- If you decide to commit, we'll write a plan just for you. It covers from the present day to you achieving your goal.

Personal trainer in a local west london training studio smiling as his client performs a trap bar deadlift.


At this juncture, we:

- Execute the plan written out at the trial session stage, making necessary adjustments along the way.

- Teach you the precise training techniques most relevant to your goal.

- Analyse your diet (optional) and provide specific input on easy changes that support your goal without disrupting your life.

Personal trainer sitting in West London studio front of laptop with a smiling female client.


After three months with us accelerating your progress, you'll know precisely how to gain weight, lose weight, sculpt your body or enhance aerobic fitness. Almost all clients enjoy the process so much that they stick with us in some form anyway, which we love to see.

What We Give That Others Don't

In addition to private 1-1 sessions, you'll have these resources personally written. We write personal plans for each client.

Written Strategy

Nutrition Analysis

Post Training Support

Independent Workout Plan

The West London PT Advantage

Commercial gyms take ~80% of your session cost for themselves. We've reversed this ratio, which is why our associates can provide much more detail and attention.

Comparison Chart comparing different personal training brands

Get In Touch (Response Within 1 Hour)



Our service covers most of west London (zones 1-2). As well as training clients at home, we have indoor spaces spread from Hammersmith to Acton.




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